3D Planetarium

planetario 3d città della scienza

SINCE MARCH 19, 2017

3D Planetarium of Città della Scienza  is the largest  and most advanced one of Italy. It has a diameter of 20 meters,120 seats, and one of the most advanced technologies in the world. The most recent technologies and the special position of the dome provide an effect of complete involvement of the viewer, thanks to acoustics that will guarantee the public a unique spectacle of the universe and enveloping.
The planetarium offers shows and movies to be immersed in a night sky, discover the stars from the theories of the ancient Greek astronomers getting to large current telescopes, know how to protect the starry skies from light pollution, retrace missions to the moon, follow the travels of probes and spacecraft that have explored our Solar System, or even explore the dark matter to understand why the universe is as it appears, where we come from, and how it has evolved in billions of years.
But the facility will also function as a 3D cinema, with spectacular film in 3D with which you can travel in the history of ancient peoples and modern and discover the wonders of nature, archeology and history.


Monday to Saturday 9 – 3 pm
Sunday and holidays 10 – 5 pm

From March to May 2017
Monday to Saturday 9 – 5 pm
Sunday and holidays 10 – 6 pm

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