Venue: Città della Scienza (download the map)

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Newton Hall


Vincenzo Lipardi · Chief Executive Officer, Città della Scienza


Song Chengjie · Chief Correspondent in Italy, China Radio International
Ambrogio Prezioso · President, Industrial Association of Naples
Huang Jianling · Director, Beijing Transportation Information Centre
Gaetano Manfredi · President, the Italian Universities Conference
Wu Ling · President, International Solid State Lighting Alliance
Enrico Panini · Councillor for Economic Development, Naples Municipality
Tian Wen · Vice-Chairman, Beijing Association for Science & Technology
Cao Jianye · Counsellor for Science and Technology, Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Italy
Rosa D’Amelio · President, Regional Council of Campania



Newton Hall

Italy has been one of the first countries launching scientific and technological cooperation program with China, aiming at promoting creation, innovation and development of innovative startups and enterprises of both countries, as well asopportunities of b2b matching and joint projects. The panel will provide interventions by Italian and Chinese Region representatives, showing innovative experiences at local and international level involving both countries.

Valeria Fascione · Regional Councillor for Internationalization, Innovation and Startups, Campania Region


Monica Barni · Vice President, Tuscany Region
Yin Huilong · Principal Staff Member of Headquarters Economy Development Division, Beijing Municipal Commission of Commerce
Amedeo Lepore · Regional Councillor for Economic Development, Campania Region
Cheng Jun · Director of the Innovation Service Center, Zhongguancun Fengtai Science Park
Guido Fabiani · Regional Councillor for Economic Development, Lazio Region
Li Guoliang · Vice President, Fangshan Association for Science & Technology
Domenico Arcuri · Chief Executive Officer, Invitalia


Seminar 1: Opportunities for China-Italy cooperation in health research and innovation, combining tradition and advanced R&I

Montessori Room

The growth of the biotechnology industry in China has long been seen as strategic task by the central government.
The panel will therefore explore the potential Sino-Italian cooperation opportunities in the various biotechnology applications and in their use in different industries (pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics etc). The growing demand for biotech products, the increasing government support, and trends toward globalized R&D leaves room for further cooperation between Italian companies and research centers and key domestic players in both the public and the private sector.
Exchange between enterprises and associations of TCM and Biomedicine on technologies and products. Chinese and Italian delegations speech on the issues of interest topics with free discussion form.

Moderators: Giuseppe Martini · Responsible for Health programs, Città della Scienza
Zha Anhua · Project Specialists, Beijing Traditional Chinese Medicine International Exchange and Cooperation Center

Concrete opportunities of cooperation in the fields of life sciences.
Daniela Corda · Representative, National Technological Cluster ALISEI and Director, Institute of Protein Biochemistry, CNR-National Research Council
Mario De Rosa · President, Regional Innovation District Campania Bioscience


Interpretation of Beijing traditional Chinese medicine policy
Zhu Yuanzheng · Principal Staff Member, Beijing Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Introduction of Beijing pharmaceutical industry
Zhou Yulan · Secretary General, Beijing Pharmaceutical Profession Association

Marching towards the World-Beijing Tong Ren Tang
Song Weiqing · Deputy General Manager, Beijing Tong Ren Tang Shareholding Co., Ltd

Nanomedicine: The Future Of Medicine
Gianfranco Peluso · SORRISO S.c.a r.l.

Inherit the essence of traditional Chinese medicine culture, enjoy the traditional Chinese medicine science and technology innovation
Yang Zhongbing · Chairman, Beijing Tcmages Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

In vitro, in silico and live-cell monitoring of protein interactions with anticancer drugs and metal nanoparticles
Fabio Arnesano · Department of Chemistry, University of Bari Aldo Moro and Interuniversity Consortium for Research in the Chemistry of Metal Ions in Biological Systems (CIRCMSB)

Bioactive molecules from the marine environment
Margherita Gavagnin · Institute of Biomolecular Chemistry – National Research Council

Seminar 2: Smart Cities: Energy and Sustainable Building

Vico Room

The concept of Smart Cities has been gaining an increasing popularity in China leading to hundreds of approved pilot projects all around the country. In this sense, a comparative analysis of the evolution experienced by some Italian cities and the needs of some Chinese urban centers has revealed more and more interesting connections, favouring the establishment of joint projects and initiatives. The panel seeks to explore the different operating models belonging to the smart city concept and how it is defined by the convergence and the optimization of different sectors and sub-sectors.

Moderator: Aurelio Tommasetti · Rector, University of Salerno (tbc)

Marco Iuorio · General Director, Regional Innovation District STRESS

Present Situation and Development of Beijing new Energy Automobile Industry
Wang Chen · Division Deputy Head, Beijing Transportation Information Center

The ‘Smart Cities & Communities’ vision and projects by ENEA
Stefano Pizzuti · E.N.E.A. – Energy dept. – Smart Energy division

Fuel Cell System: Atena Technology Innovations
Elio Janelli · Atena scarl – Fuel Cell Lab

The introduction of Beijing Municipal Transportation Operations Coordination Center
Zhao Jingjie · Engineer, Beijing Municipal Transportation Operations Coordination Center

The Smart Building project for future Smart Cities: the Role of Advanced Testing Laboratories in Innovation for sustainable construction processes
Martino Milardi & Corrado Trombetta · Architecture and Territory – DARTE, Mediterranean University of Reggio Calabria

New Materials Applied in Sustainable Building
Wang Fei · Beijing Chaolun Science and Technology Development Co.,Ltd

EnRcop – Smart system for the detection of economic loss on electric grids
Filippo Ugolini · AGT S.r.l.

ICT solutions for monitoring and control of energy flows
Vincenzo D’Agostino · Omnia Energia SPA

New renewable energy
Marcello De Luca · Mediteranneanan Design Network srl

IP platforms and satellite networks for interoperability among systems, to improve performance and to enhance smart city capability
Michele Luglio, NITEL

Seminar 3: Smart Transportation

Ippocrate Room

Within the general framework of the people-centric approach promoted by the smart city revolution, several cooperation opportunities between Italy and China can be identified in the transport sector and in its several sub-systems as
real-time monitoring, data transferring and analyzing, internet of cars or, more in general, in all the areas included in the Smart Transportation and Smart Mobility concept.

Paolo Scudieri · President, Regional Innovation District DATTILO
Huang Jianling · Director, Beijing Transportation information Center

Enrico Pisino • President of Italian Technological Cluster of excellence “TRASPORTI ITALIA 2020”


Introduction of Beijing Smart Ground Bus
Chen Zhihong • Deputy Director, Beijing Municipal Transportation Operations Coordiantion Center

Composite materials for sustainable mobility: IMAST innovative solutions
Eva Milella • President of Regional Innovation District IMAST

Introduction of Beijing Smart Rail Transit
Wang Bo • Director Assistant, Beijing Transportation Information Center

Electric Vehicle Powertrain Technology
Claudio Rossi • Dept. of Electrical Engineering University of Bologna

The Present Situation and Development of Public Bicycles in Beijing
Shi Chunhui • Engineer, Beijing Municipal Transportation Operations Coordination Center

Orchestrated Airports
Luigi Perreca • President, Regional Innovation District “MOST” – Transportation Area

Meng Jun • Deputy Director of Technology R&D Center, Beijing Municipal Bridge Maintenance Management Group Co., Ltd

Train to Ground Communication for CBTC
Marco De Angelis • Gematica


Battery Swap  System and  Smart Grid
Francesco Di Pietrantonio • PICCHIO S.P.A.

Technologies for Infrastructure Monitoring and Environmental Safety
Tullio Salmon Cinotti • University of Bologna – Research Center on Electronic Systems “Ercole De Castro”

Seminar 4: Technology Parks & Industrial Districts

Modotti Room

Industrial districts and technology parks have been spreading in Italy and in several regions of China during last decades, offering investment opportunities to foreign SME in high added value production sectors like: aerospace, energy, IT, hi-tech, new materials and others. Technology parks help enterprises entering international opportunity networks and attract foreign investments and attention. Representatives of Italian and Chinese best practices in this field will provide analysis about cooperation opportunities.

Riccardo De Falco · S.I. Impresa (Servizi Integrati Impresa) Special Agency of Naples Chamber of Commerce Agenzia
Li Guoliang · Vice President, Fangshan Association for Science & Technology

Edoardo Imperiale · Vice-President, APSTI (Italian Association of Scientific and Technological Parks) and Director of Business Development, Sviluppo Campania

Introduction of Beijing Fangshan District Science & Technology Center
Yan Yang · Deputy Director, Beijing Fangshan District Science & Technology Center

The role of the Campania Aerospace Technological District
Luigi Carrino · President, DAC-Campania Aerospace Technological District

Towards the Blue Growth Technological District
Roberto Danovaro · President, Stazione Zoologica Anthon Dohrn – Blue Growth Technological District

Zhongguancun Fengtai Science Park Development Practice
Cheng Jun · Director, Innovation Service Center, Zhongguancun Fengtai Science Park

VEGA, Technological Scientific Park of Venice (tbc)

Zhang Aimin · Director of AHRC, College of Science and Technology Development, Beijing University of Technology

A new deal for Regional Innovation Ecosystems: experiences and results in the Regione Lazio
Luigi Campitelli · Lazio Innova

Joint strategies and technology parks: the Smart Bay project
Massimo Varrone · Business Innovation Center, Città della Scienza

AIC: the Knowledge-based Industrial Park of Naples
Bruno Uccello · President, AT Coroglio

Seminar 5: Promoting the Italian-Chinese Solid State Lighting Alliance

Saffo Hall

In this session some relevant photonic innovative solutions will be analyzed. Particular attention is devoted to LED for lightening and to optical fiber sensors for industrial applications such as safety, security and medicine.

Piero Salatino · President, Polytechnic School – University of Naples Federico II
Moderator: Antonello Cutolo · President, Consortium TOP-IN

Gallium nitride: the ideal material for green technologies, from solid state lighting to efficient power conversion
Matteo Meneghini · University of Padua, Department of Electronic Engineering

Lighting Beyond
Zhang Guoqi · Professor, Technical University of Delft

Industrial Design Strategy for LED Lamps
Carlo D’Alesio & Piero Santoro · Experts in Lighting Design, D’Alesio&Santoro srl

Discussion on Light Environment and the Innovative Application of LED
Lin Yandan · Professor, Fudan University

Devices and systems for: power electronic, optoelectronic, telecommunications, etc
Gianluca Breglio · Department of Electric Engineering and Information Technologies, University of Naples Federico II

Organic Optoelectronics as a new paradigm for Lighting
Stefano Toffanin · Institute for the Study of Nanostructured Materials, National Research Council (CNR)


Archimede Hall

The panel will provide a frame of national incentives and measures set up in both countries to enhance creation and
internationalization of startups.
In Italy several incentives related to creation of startups have been established by the Governement in last years, helping new creation and development startup (i.e. Startup Rotational Fund, Smart&Start etc.) as well as incentives regarding internationalization that help foreign entrepreneurs launching a startup in Italy (Startup Visa). China is strongly engaged in investing on young talents and startups, also through international cooperation projects.

Moderator: Alberto Di Minin · Netval and Professor, Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies-Pisa

Valeria Fascione · Regional Councillor for Internationalization, Startup and Innovation, Campania Region

Italian policies for the creation and attractiveness of innovative startups
Stefano Firpo · Director General for Industrial Policies, Competitiveness and SMEs, Ministry of Economic Development

International Technology Transfer in China & Innovation Entrepreneurship cooperation
Yao Weike · President, China Association for International S&T Cooperation (CAISTC)

The role of BICs and the vision of EBN in the European Start-up and Scale-up policy
Philippe Vanrie · Chief Executive Officer, EBN (European Business Network)

Practices of International Innovation achievement industrialization in China
Chang Linzhao · Director Productivity Promotion Center, Henan Province and Executive Director, China Association of Productivity Promotion Centers

Business Creation and Innovation in the Knowledge Based Economy: Ideas for the Future
Vincenzo Lipardi · Chief Executive Officer, Città della Scienza

Opportunities for Italian startups in China
Francesco Rossi · Techsilu

Marco Simoni · Councellor for Economic Politicies, Italian Presidency of the Council of Ministers (tbc)


Tensile Structure


Archimede Hall

Italy-China best startups showcase 2016, whose first edition will take place in Naples, in the frame of Italy-China Science, Technology and Innovation Week, is offering to 15 best innovative and market-proven startups selected in each Country, the chance to present themselves and their products/services to an audience composed by Italian and Chinese financial operators and investors ( Investments Funds, Venture Capital, Business Angels, Banks) as weel as incubators interested to attract startups offering them soft-landing services (spaces, competences, networking activities).

Marco Cantamessa · President, PNI Cube (Association of italian Incubators)

ROUNDTABLE 6: Traditional Chinese Medicine

Room B

ROUNDTABLE 7: Promoting the Italian-Chinese Solid State Alliance: Specific projects, products and technologies

Saffo Hall

Laura Bellia · Department of Industrial Engeneering University of Naples Federico II
Yu Hua · Chief Executive Officer, 720 (Beijing) Health and Technology Co., Ltd.
Antonio Maria Tullino · Department of Electric Engineering and Information Technologies, University of Naples Federico II
Chen Min · Founder, Beijing Hongyanrongchang Energy-saving Technology Co., Ltd.
Roberto Canonico · Department of Electric Engineering and Information Technologies, University of Naples Federico II
Tan Dengfeng · General Manager, Beijing Renguang Technology Co., Ltd.
Antonio Iodice · Department of Electric Engineering and Information Technologies,University of Naples Federico II



It is an area dedicated to show & share Italian and Chinese projects realized through digital fabrication, with the aim to stimulate cooperation between Italian and Chinese makers, young talents, researchers, startups, entrepreneurs and students in several sectors (3D printing, electronics, prototyping, Manufacturing 4.0). It is organized by Città della Scienza and Maker Faire – the European Edition and will take place around the D.RE.A.M. FabLab (Design and Researchin Advanced Manufacturing laboratory) of Città della Scienza.

25 booths available for Chinese and Italian participants to show their own projects, products, prototypes.

WORKSHOPS (11.00 to 13.00) on the following topics: Biomedical; Design & Fashion; Architecture.
The workshops will be focused on the construction of 3 prototypes on the basis of projects pre-designed by D.RE.A.M. FabLab experts.

BUSINESS EXHIBITION – Gallery: public institutions and private companies will expose their projects and technologies –




Venue: Città della Scienza