In the framework of the internationalization program of research and innovation system between Italy and China, promoted by the Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR), on 16 and 17 May 2017 it was held the mission to China of Technological Cluster of Excellence on Life Sciences (ALISEI) in Shanghai.

The mission was organized by Città della Scienza in collaboration with the Scientific Counsellor of the Embassy of Italy in Beijing Plinio Innocenzi and the Scientific Counsellor of Consulate General of Italy in Shanghai Roberto Pagani. Fabrizio Conicella, Coordinator of the Internationalization Work Group of the ALISEI Cluster took part to the mission in Shanghai.

Several meetings were held, as well as the participation to a workshop on health and life science. The Cluster met several counterparts in order to discuss and take into consideration collaboration opportunities between the Italian system on health and Chinese counterparts, such as representative from the Shanghai Tech University, the prestigious Fudan University, the Bracco Sine Pharmaceutical Corp and ITA-Italian Trade Agency.  Moreover, on 17 May it was held the workshop titled “The new frontier of the healthcare – from hospital centric to patient centric”, organized by the Consulate General of Italy in Shanghai together with the Italy-China Chamber of Commerce. The General Counsellor Stefano Beltrame took part in the workshop, while Fabrizio Conicella delivered a speech titled “From the prevention to the chronic patient management: the Italian vision”, fostering an important exchange of information on the Italian vision and ALISEI Cluster’s action on thematic such as prevention and chronic diseases.

Not only there was the chance of meeting with Chinese counterparts and their innovative activities, but also the meetings with several other Italian organizations were particularly relevant for having had the opportunity to getting to know closely the established experience of Italian companies and experts working for years with China and that now are totally integrated into the Chinese system, but also represents a possibility to create a link between the ALISEI Cluster with Italian organization in China, thus promoting a more effective and profitable cooperation with China.