The global geopolitical scenario enlights the Asian giant and the balance of the world economy, once again, seems to point towards east: China. The consolidation of China is due also thanks to President Xi Jinping, whose thought, following the XIX Congress of the Chinese Communist Party, entered the Chinese constitution, elevating him to the rank of noble father of the country.
The 2017 Davos Forum is emblematic in this sense, as President Xi, for the first time, gathered the global leaders of globalization.
Italy plays a decisive role in this dialogue with China. In fact, China is aiming at Italy as the terminal for the “new silk road” (Belt and Road Initiative) strategy, both by sea as well as land, and more generally, as a gateway to Europe.
Italy’s prominent position is also linked to scientific and technological exchanges. The technological and scientific partnership between Italy and China has strengthened significantly in 2017. Science, technology and innovation are destined to represent, even more than in the recent past, a key variable in relations between China and its best international partners.
The work to build collaborations of mutual interest and mutual benefit with a China rich in  resources – and understandably well-disposed to joint initiatives for the development of new technologies and new research projects – started time ago , but now enters a decisive phase, to which Italy must also be ready, capitalizing on the favorable position acquired, with foresight, in recent years. A demonstration of the excellent relations between Italy and China were the numerous institutional visits by Italian authorities that took place during the last year in China. In each of them, the themes of scientific research and technological innovation have acquired a dimension of absolute priority as emerged from the talks and agreements subsequently formalized.
2017 was the year of strategic agreements, signed between high offices and reported below, in which the “Innovation Week” is recalled as a fundamental instrument in the cooperation between the two countries, allowing to offer further impetus to the already intense cooperation scientific-technological in progress between Italy and China.
– Joint Strategic Plan for Scientific, Technological and Innovation Cooperation as a Tribute for the 50th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations between Italy and China signed between Angelino Alfano and Wan Gang in the presence of the Presidents Mattarella and Xi (February 2017)
– Action plan for strengthening economic, commercial, cultural and scientific-technological cooperation between Italy and China signed by Paolo Gentiloni and Li Keqiang (May 2017)
– Joint declaration signed by Ministers Valeria Fedeli and Wan Gang (November 2017)
– Intergovernmental Committee (December 2017)