Last August 31st a delegation from ISTIC (Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China) came to Città della Scienza to visit our place and institutional partners.

Città della Scienza’s CEO after welcoming the guests explained the history, structure and model by which the Città della Scienza has always operated in Campania Region, as well as the national coordination for the program Sino-Italian cooperation in science and technology was concentrated on the activity of study, analysis and information that the institute carries out nationwide to guide and support decision making concerning science and technology innovation systems at all administrative levels in RPC. The last part of the visit included a tour and a presentation of D.RE.A.M. Fablab, of Città della Scienza’s Incubator  and the area of ​​post-incubation AIC, where ISTIC manager and two researchers have collected information about the selection process, and strengthening incubation of start-ups grew thanks to encouraging entrepreneurship implemented by Città dela Scienza.

Visita di una delegazione dell’Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China a Città della Scienza - 31 Agosto 2016