Nato nel 2007 su iniziativa di Città della Scienza su mandato della Regione Campania, il Sino-Italian Exchange Event (SIEE) è un programma pluriennale di cooperazione scientifica e tecnologica con la Cina e, in particolare, con il BAST – Beijing Association for Science and Technology e la Municipalità di Pechino. Nel corso degli undici anni di gestione del programma, l’iniziativa ha consentito di creare contatti tra oltre 3,500 professionisti italiani e cinesi, con molteplici accordi sottoscritti e di estendere la cooperazione a diverse regioni e province della Cina. Grazie ai risultati raggiunti, nel 2012 il SIEE è stato inserito in un “Joint Statement” sottoscritto dai ministri della Ricerca italiano e cinese come una delle più significative iniziative di scambio e cooperazione tra i due Paesi.

(I lavori della giornata si terranno in lingua italiana e cinese. E’ previsto il servizio di traduzione simultanea).


Moderator: Alessandro Longo, Journalist, Director of Agenda

  • Welcome addresses by Giuseppe Albano, Commissioner of Città della Scienza
  • Xu Wei, Deputy Director of Beijing Science and Technology Consulting Center
  • Sergio Minucci, Delegate for Internationalization of the University of Campania Vanvitelli and Representative of the Regional Conference of Universities
  • John Zhang, Secretary General of ITTN(International Technology Transfer Network)
  • Armando Brunini, Vice President for International Affairs, Unione Industriali Napoli
  • Shao Jinwen, Vice-President of Beijing Academy of Science and Technology
  • Antonio Marchiello, Regional Minister for Scientific Research and Economic Development

– Scientific Video Performance

Emerging Technologies for the Advancement of Societies

Moderator: Alessandro Longo, Journalist, Director of Agenda

  • Matteo Lorito, President of the Department of Agricultural Sciences, University of Naples Federico II about Modern Agriculture
  • Li Dong, Vice-Director of Beijing Research Institute for Nutritional Resources: Focus on nutrition and pursue health: the new progress of nutrition and health research and development in China
  • Giovanna Romano, Researcher on Marine Biotechnology at the Zoological Station Anton Dohrn Naples
  • Hou Tongxiao, General Manager Beijing Science and Power New Technology Development Corp: Introduction of BJAST’s Technology Transfer and incubation platform construction mode
  • Mario Di Bernardo, Professor of Automatic Control, Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, University of Naples Federico II

Launch of the Matteo Ricci Universities Network
by the University of Naples Parthenope

The meeting will focus on nutrition, dietetics and food sciences looking at the advancement of research and its applications. Topics of interests includes for example  the study of nutrients, energy metabolism and its regulation, the influence of dietary components on human health status, public health nutrition and all the relevant topics of nutritional sciences.
Moderator: Gianfranco Nappi, Responsible for Food and Nutrition Programs at Città della Scienza
Chinese participants:
Li Dong, Director of Beijing Institute of Nutritional Resources
Liu Lan, General Secretary of Beijing Dietetic Association

Italian participants
Maria Grazia Volpe, Institute of Food Sciences-CNR and Senior Member of the Italian Society of Human Nutrition
Paola Vitaglione, Professor of Physiology, Faculty of Agrifood Sciences, University of Naples Federico II
Alberto Ritieni, Professor of Food Chemistry, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Naples Federico II
Gabriele Riccardi, Professor of Endocrinology, Faculty of Medicine Sciences, University of Naples Federico II
– Livia Augustin, Researcher in Nutrition Clinical Trial, National Institute for Cancer Pascale, Naples
– Giuseppe Sorrentino, Institute for Agriculture and Forestry in the Mediterranean – ISAFOM-CNR
– Representatives of other institutes or companies

Italian and Chinese acoustics experts will exchange on cutting-edge theoretical knowledge and practical achievements in the fields of noise technologies and vibration control, electric acoustics, building acoustics, ultrasonic and so on.

Moderator by: Rosario Romano, professor at Department of Industrial Engineering, University of Naples Federico II

Chinese participants:

  • Zhu Yidan, Beijing Acoustic Society
  • Ren Baiji, Shanghai Fund Acoustics Engineering Co., Ltd
  • Li Hui, Acoustic Engineer of Beijing Deshang Jingjie Technology Development Co.,Ltd

Italian participants

  • Raffaele Dragonetti, Professor at the Department of Industrial Engineering, School of Engineering, University of Naples
  • Moritz Recke, Start-up projects on noise monitoring
  • Silvia Lanzalone, Senior researcher, CRM-Centro Ricerche Musicali di Roma (Centre for Music Research)
  • Sergio Pone, Faculty of Architecture, University of Naples Federico II
  • Sergio Russo Ermolli, Faculty of Architecture, University of Naples Federico II
  • Luigi Ianace, University of Campania “Luigi Vanvitelli”

Other experts from Research Institutes and Universities

The working group will introduce the most innovative methodologies used in schools for science education, coding and digital technologies in school programs and classrooms. The discussion will concern exchanges of practices in academic research and school experiences about Classroom teaching, technology education and Education management exchanges with primary and secondary schools.

Moderator: Giorgio Ventre, Member of the Ministerial Commission for Primary and Middle Schools Guidelines Programs, Director of the Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, University of Naples Federico II

Chinese speakers :
Zhang Yan, Beijing Haidian District Wanquan primary school
Li Jiamao, Beijing No.18 High School
Hou Hualei, Beijing Haidian District Wanquan primary school

Italian speakers:
Flora Di Martino, Coordinator of Education programs at Città della Scienza: Introduction of innovative didactic practices about coding and 3D printing
– Teachers from Network of Schools engaged in hackathon competition, leaded by experts of the STMicroelectronics
Federica Tortora, Innovation Hub Intesa San Paolo
Orazio Miglino, Experimental research in Education from the Department of Human Sciences, University of Naples Federico II
Luca Tesauro, Giffoni Hub
– Other experts from Research Institutes and Universities

Networking meeting or visit with representatives of the Conservatories of Music in Campania with Chinese organizations :

  • Beijing Musical instrument Association
  • Beijing Musical Instrument Research Institute

The session is addressed to Italian and Chinese startups and SMEs with the aim to introduce opportunities and tools for internationalization in Italy and China.

Addresses by  Valeria Fascione, Regional Minister for Internationalization Start-up and Innovation, Campania Region

Introduction by

  • Mariangela Contursi, General Director of Campania NewSteel
  • John Zhang, Secretary General of International Technology Transfer Network- ITTN

Understanding the Chinese and Italian ecosystems for start-ups

  • Yao Weike, Representative of the China Association for International Science and Technology Cooperation (CAISTC)
  • Raffaele Belli, Delegate for Digital Transformation for Young Entrepreneurs, Unione Industriali di Napoli
  • Cui Jing, Director of Innovation Cultivation Department of Beijing Science and Technology Consulting Center (BSTCC)

Exploring the opportunities and tools for soft-landing in Italy and China

  • Massimo Calzoni, Invitalia
  • Liang Gang, Haibang Chuangzhi Investment Management Ltd.
  • Mauro Draoli, AgID- Agency for Digital Italy
  • Wang Bo, GNSS & LBS Association of China
  • Andrea Cappai, Bugnion SpA
  • Hu Bin, Beijing Rongkun Capital & Haozheng Songyue Fund Management Co., Ltd
  • Enrico Iaria, CEO Dooplus

Strategies of Circular Economy for Urban Agglomeration

Outcomes of the joint research project between the University of Naples Parthenope and the Beijing Normal University and discussion with stakeholders.


Sergio Ulgiati, Professor – Department of Science and Technology, Parthenope University of Napoli

Liu Gengyuan, Professor – School of Environment, Beijing Normal University




  • Giuseppe Cozzolino, Director of Metropolitan City of Naples
  • Michele Buonomo, President of Greener Italia, Nocera Superiore
  • Antonino Esposito, Director of Hotel & Restaurants Zero Waste, Penisola Sorrentina
  • Luca Pucci, ECOEM (WEEE collection and recycling), Pontecagnano
  • Giovanni De Angelis, Director of ANICAV (National Federation of Tomatoes Processing Companies), Naples
  • Luca Papa, PROTEG SPA (Processing of animal by-products and regenerating vegetable oils and fats and animal exhausted) Caivano

Visit to Corporea Museum and the Beauty of Imaging Exhibition

– New Technological Pole of University of Naples Federico II in San Giovanni (Eastern Naples). The Pole is a sample of open innovation system in the fields of education, research and industry. The Pole hosts the Apple and Deloitte Academies, CESMA Manufacturing Laboratories, Incubation spaces.
– Visits in Experimental Schools: Istituto Galileo Ferraris.

SIDE EVENT – Ischia Island
Thermalism and traditional Chinese medicine, two natural medicine worlds: sharing experiences
Venue Grand Hotel delle Terme Re Ferdinando


Napoli, Città della Scienza
Via Coroglio 57 e 104