An amazing journey in the most wonderful and complex world: the human body.



CORPOREA at Città della Scienza is conceived in order to discuss all the main issues about health, medical science, human biology, discovering the greatest mysteries of our body: the brain, the sexual reproduction and so on.

It will present:

  • an exhibition path in which all the development phases of the human life, from reproduction, birth, ageing, are explained, focusing on important and actual issues as the brain and its functions; sex; cell, genetics and evolution, the body transformation during the time; the relationship between health and lifestyle;
  • a Dome space for 3D projections;
  • a CAVE, an immersive virtual reality space where visitors can always live new adventures;
  • a suitable path for children, with funny experiences for discovering our body;
  • a scientific research showcase in which visitors will have the opportunity to find out new medical discoveries;
  • labs and forums to host educational activities, scientific theatre shows and meetings with experts;
  • a health corner to inform citizens on health issues.