Il FabLab of Città della Scienza is a new workshop / laboratory of advanced design and digital fabrication, opening soon in Città della Scienza, where research activities, development, advanced training, education technologies and “maker” methodologies as part of a project funded by the Ministry of Education for the reconstruction of the Città della Scienza.
The aim is to experience an advanced design and manufacturing system that can be used both in museums and in other contexts, including industrial, and represents also a platform for the development of skills, new skills and innovative companies in the field of digital fabrication.
Specifically, the FabLab will be divided into:
• a FabLab Exhibit, workshop museum of new generation, where the new Science Centre exhibits will be designed, tested and manufactured with a multidisciplinary and collaborative approach, starting from the questions and curiosity of the public and with the involvement of students, researchers, enterprise ;
a system of innovative digital services and tools to service startups and SMEs connected to the system of the Business Innovation Centre, which will operate as a “place of the search 2.0″, designed to contribute to the generation of ideas and innovative business ventures, through research and development, education and higher education, design, prototyping and production.

FabLab aims to create a network of international exchange with the collaboration of Exploratorium in San Francisco, MIT and SIEE the exchange project with China.

Info: contursi@cittadellascienza.it  – ph. 081.7352.402-455