Cooperation with MIT Museum of Boston

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in agreement with the Ministry of University and Research, as part of Projects of great importance in the Executive Program of Scientific and Technological Cooperation between Italy and the United States of America, has funded the project “Exhibit FabLab Italian-American Cooperation at Città della Scienza“.

The project, sponsored by the Italian Embassy in the United States of America, provides for cooperation between Città della Scienza and MIT Museum of Boston (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) in collaboration with ASTC Association (Association of Science and Technology Center) Washington gathering the major Science Centre North America.

The project is integral part of the reconstruction plan of Città della Scienza for the realization -Inside the new Science Centre – of an Exhibit Fablab: a new infrastructure designed as an open laboratory for the development of display elements in the field of science and technology involving in synergy visitors, researchers and practitioners.

The project, started in 2014, will last two years and consists of an exchange of experience between the partners, in order to transfer to the FabLab of Città della Scienza some of the most interesting experiences realized by MIT , initiator of the movement of the FabLab, besides being one of the world’s centers of excellence for the dissemination of S&T.

ASTC will help to disseminate the results of this cooperation within its network and the promotion of new Italian-American collaboration in programs of science and technology dissemination.

This project concerning Città della Scienza is one of 15 projects of great importance for scientific and technological cooperation between Italy and the United States of America (Joint Declaration of Washington of December 13th, 2013).

Main goals:

  • Strengthen cooperation with the United States in the reconstruction project of the Science Centre of the Città della Scienza, through the transfer of skills and methods of one of the major centers of excellence in S & T.
  • Transfer to the new infrastructure of Città della Scenza (Exhibit FabLab) the experience of co-creation born in the movement of the makers and specifically the one developed in the MIT Museum Studio in Boston.
  • Improve the offer of Città della Scienza, which aims to stimulate and increase the interest of young people (and the general public) for science and technology, through their active and creative participation.