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Cikala Srl is born in the wake of new technological trend of marketing. Its main object is to detect tastes, habits and position of users, following a logic of an extreme proximity localization for marketing, content sharing and social-media management.

Cikala’s founders , before the effective constitution of the company, created Cikala-Maps, an innovative platform which is able to localize users without the GPS and during the indoor use. With this platform it is possible to detect the localization of users with precision (

All Cikala’s projects are based on absolute localization (the position of a device within a certain area) and relative localization (the position of a device compared to others).

The basic idea beyond the project is that knowing the location of each router and each cell tower in a certain area it is possible to detect the correct position of users. Furthermore, Cikala-Maps technology permit localization of a device also if its Wi-Fi is not connected to a router and if its GPS is off.

Main activities

Cikala’s team developed two products which use the proximity technology:

Cikala-Maps Services

Cikala-Maps Services

Cikala-Maps Services are an Api set working on Amazon cloud which are compatible with:

Third parts application;
Legacy System;
Web portals.


Thanks to Rest Api technology, other companies can benefit of Cikala-Maps’ processes and data. Through the Api’ s end-to-end functionality, it is possible to collect and process data for advertising purposes.

Cikala app

Cikala app is an application available on both Android and IOS stores that uses Cikala-Maps technology. Restaurants, pharmacies and groceries stores can send an offer or a “CIK”, through Cikala App to a selected target taking advantage of proximity marketing. “CIK” can be received from users which are in the proximity of the shop or have selected the shop in their preferred list.