Città della Scienza is  member of several networks and organizations of strategic importance, both for the exchange of experiences and for the development of a national and international projects.

Città della Scienza is recognized as “NGOs in official relations with UNESCO” working on  operational projects and studying activities. Città della Scienza hosts, every November 10th, the Science Day for Peace and Development organized by UNESCO around the world.

ECSITE -  Is the European Net of Science Centres and Museums gathering over 450 members engaged in Science Communication involving active participations of citizenships to promote scientific and technological developement. Città della Scienza is an active player: Vincenzo Lipardi is member of the board of directors after being President in 2007-2009

ASTC – Association of Science and Technology Center · Association of Science and Technology Centers – It is a North American organization promoting and supporting Science Centres’ activities, encouraging networking in the field of education, museology, and scientific communication.

 ICOM – International Council of Museums · It is the international organizations of museums and experts operators engaged in preserve and ensure  the current and future value of cultural and natural world heritage,  as well as the material or immaterial assets. Funded in  1946, ICOM  gathers over 30.000 members in 5 continents.

EUSEA  It Is the European Association gathering institutions and experts that  organize scientific festivals and events connected with Science Communications.

Hands On! Europe – Association of children’s museums · It is a non-profit organization that connects major museums for children in Europe. It supports the role of museums for children in Europe as places that stimulate their curiosity and imagination, where play encourages creativity and informal learning.

DESIGN FOR ALL -  It is the net of cultural institutions promoting inclusive planning and designing giving value to individuals and human differences in the design project.

 ANMS · National Scientific and Natural Museums Associations – It promotes the spreading of scientific museums and their important role encourging communications and collaborations among its members.

 FAL -  Anna Lindh Italia Federation  - It is a federation that promotes, supports and works for interaction beteen Italy and Euromediterranean countries  “Fondazione Anna Lindh” created in 2004 by European Commission for the dialogue in the Mediterranean.

EBN – European Business Network ·   It is the Business Innovation Centres net in Europe supporting innovative business companies, start ups and PMI in their development and grouth. Starting from 2016, Città della Scienza is present in the governance through Vincenzo Lipardi member of board of directors.

Fab Foundation funded in 2009 supported by MIT Center for Bits &
Atoms Fab Lab Program, aimed at supporting the International Fab Lab net.

Ittn – International Technology Transfer Network led by the Beijing
Municipal Science & Technology Commission, an institute belonging to the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology  (MOST) aimed at promoting international technological transfer. It got long term partnership with more than 200 organizations engaged in technological transfer 15 countries.

Netval is a network of 56 Italian universities and 6 Public Research Centres. It works on the promotion of universitary research towords economic and business system, public organisms, business associations, companies, venture capitalist and financial institues.