ITALY-IRAN Innovation Forum

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National Program of Internationalization of the research-innovation system between Italy and Iran

The Italian government has launched the construction of an Iran-Italy Science, Technology and Innovation Forum in order to strengthen  relations between Italy and Iran,  as it is a potential strategic partner  for  scientific and technological cooperation. It is conceived on the successfully  model of the Italy Innovation Forum of China, and Città della Scienza will led the organization.

The project aims to create a stable platform where universities, research centers and companies with a strong innovative impact can be connected and have  a constant exchange, throughout the year, with the Iranian research and business system.

The Forum will be highlight moment of the program – organized once a year alternately in Italy and Iran – where all subjects involved  participate in a meeting of  networking  and matchmaking event, as part of a strong institutional framework. The Forum is proposed to become a multi-year work program for the internationalization of innovative research systems – enterprise between Italy and Iran, in order to build a stable platform of exchange in the field of science, technology and innovation from the system Italian to Iran one.

The first edition of the Forum will be held in Tehran on April 19th and 20th, 2017.


  • Developing a common working platform with Iranian institutions responsible for the Program to create a network of contacts between Italian and Iranian universities and research centers  which might be  a starting for  Industrial Relations Development, especially among amall and medium-sized innovative enterprises;
  • Introducing an Integrated and structured Italy System on the internationalization of research and innovation with Iran, involving Ministries, main research Institutes, Universities, Confindustria for the world of companies and all the parties engaged in the relation among university-research-company to promote technological transfer;
  • Improve the dialogue and exchanges on main scientific and technology issues important to the  two countries;
  • Give attention  to the development of individual skills of human capital necessary for cooperation with Iran,  in science and technology as well as in other disciplines, by encouraging exchanges and academics Student mobility.