“Mediterranean People” is a photographic exhibition made up of 77 portraits of women and men from the Mediterranean region.  Literary and poetic  quotations stand by to express their different identities and together with these expressive pictures they aim at narrating the history of the Mediterranean cities of Naples, Marseilles, Barcelona, Alexandria, Tunis,  Tel Aviv, Istanbul, Athens, Durres, Rijeka and of people living in the Gaza Stripes.

The author is one of the main contemporary photographer, Pino Bertelli. He was born in Tuscany but he can be defined a world citizen. He created excellent works on Iraq, Amazon, Burkina Faso and the Chernobyl disaster.

The expression and the countenance of the portrayed subjects is emblematic of their shared identity despite their historic, ethnic, cultural and religious differences, the economic development gap between their countries and the disparities they experience in exercising their rights, in a context of latent or open conflict.

Notwithstanding these differences, their pictures synthesize the enduring features of a dynamic landscape that encourage to re-discover shared roots as a basis of long-lasting peace and tolerance.