Friday, March 4th, the sad date of the third anniversary of the arson that destroyed the Science Centre, 5.000 people were at Città della Scienza for the presentation of the futuristic building that by next December will become “Corporea – the Museum of the Human Body” , the first interactive museum in Italy dedicated to the issues of medicine, health, science and biomedical technologies and prevention, based on direct experimentation of phenomena from visitors.

A collective celebration started in the afternoon which saw together institutions, research, culture and citizens, for the first step of the revival: what must be, then, the last piece to complete Città della Scienza – which is the Neapolitan Innovation Park – will serve as the first element of the re-launch of the exhibition activities and the reconstruction of the new Science Centre after the terrible fire.

Thousands of citizens got a place of spreading culture and knowledge participating in the institutional ceremony, attended by the Minister Graziano Delrio, the President of the Campania Region Vincenzo De Luca and the Mayor of Naples Luigi de Magistris, Vittorio Silvestrini,Città della Scienza’s President and Chief Executive Officer Vincenzo Lipardi thanked authorities for their committed participation and for the commitments they have made in favor of Città della Scienza and, therefore, of the Bagnoli rebirth.

The second part of the presentation was dedicated to art and culture, starting with Eugenio Bennato – that was one of Silvestrini’s students and citizen of the Bagnoli who introduced the Neapolitan director Bruno Colella, who presented his latest film, “Myitaly” that will participate at the Cannes film Festival and whose  episode shot in Città della Scienza – in the days immediately following the fire – and which has as its protagonist the American artist Mark Kostabi, that precisely in the Newton area, staged after the screening, a performance accompanied by the percussion of Toni Esposito and has painted live a ‘ work that has donated to Città della Scienza and that will further enrich the collection that the structure already holds; Finally, the intervention – sharp and clear – Corporea designer, architect Massimo Pica Ciamarra.

On the square in front of the new beautiful building, meanwhile, hundreds of associations, research centers, scientific laboratories animated – on the model of a European tradition – the picnic science, presenting the best of Campania scientific research.

To all of them, Vittorio Silvestrini and Vincenzo Lipardi expressed a heartfelt “thank you” because they have been very many who have acceded to the request made by the Foundation to be present to show their know-how. Next, the “ribbon cutting” by the founder of the Città della Scienza Vittorio Silvestrini – who has again reminded that “ideas do not burn” – together with the CEO Vincenzo Lipardi City and the General Manager Luigi Amodio .

Finally a big concert with the  sounds of the Mediterranean music  have turned on the stage of the Newton hall with the music of Claudia Megre, Lello Savonardo, Mariano Bellopede, Rete co’Mar, Yiki Pindi Rawelgue, culminating in the exhibition of Eugenio Bennato, Carlo d’Angiò and Pietra Montecorvino.

Inaugurazione dell'edificio di Corporea

Photos Umberto Raia.

Inaugurazione edificio Corporea 4 marzo 2016 - foto di Umberto Raia

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