It was signed yesterday, 12 December, by Vincenzo Lipardi, Secretary-General of Città della Scienza and Director Piri of the Iranian Ministry of Science, the agreement for the construction of the Italo-Iranian Innovation Forum. The agreement is the result of the will and commitment of the Iranian Minister of Science Mohammad Farhadi and the Italian Ambassador in Tehran Mauro Conciatori, and involves the construction of a very ambitious program for the internationalization of research innovation systems between Italy and Iran.

The agreement follows the resumption of bilateral relations between Italy and Iran re-launched in January 2016 with the declaration of a roadmap in the political, economic, cultural and scientific sectors.

Governments have proposed launching an Italo-Iranian Innovation Forum on the China-Italy Science, Technology & Innovation Week model, coordinated by Città della Scienza, to create a stable platform for networking and business matching between the two countries in research and innovation.

In late January, there will be a first mission of the Iranian Ministry in Città della Scienza, intended to prepare the first edition of the Forum to be held in April 2017 in Tehran.

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