Acquascaping at Città della Scienza – 8 December 2019


On Sunday December 8th Città della Scienza will host an exclusive event realized in collaboration with Marco Siciliano of WILD and NATURE and to Dario Schelfi, naturalist and aquarist, who will project  Città della Scienza visitors in the world of aquascaping a fascinating and spectacular art.
The term Aquascaping derives from the English term “landscape” and indicates the realization in the aquarium of a submerged landscape, in which the elements that are part of it are assembled by man not only to create an evocative environment of great aesthetic impact , but above all to create a functional ecosystem that recalls the biotypes that really exist in nature. To do this, that is to say to make an aquascape beautiful and functioning from an ecological point of view, we must first choose the living and non-living elements that can be well integrated and then assembled in a functional way so that they respect the natural cycles of oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide.
Aquascaper” is an artist but must also bear in mind scientific notions such as the necessary ecological parameters to make the submerged landscape work at its best. We can well say that Aquascaping requires an artistic and scientific approach at the same time, with the aim of creating a pleasant, natural and harmonious landscape in the aquarium, using natural materials such as plants, woods, roots, rocks and substrates.
Aquascaping may seem to be a very complex branch of aquarium keeping, actually under the expert guidance of internationally renowned aquascapers, such as Dario Schelfi, who will actively participate in the event on Sunday 8 at Città della Scienza, it is possible to start (or perfect, for those who have already begun) to understand this fascinating art.
The program of the day foresees, starting from 10 am, the creation of a large Aquascape, which will be donated by WILD to Città della Scienza and which will enrich the Science Center’s exhibition offer, followed by a practical demonstration of setting up a small aquascape , aimed at interested parties, where experts will be available to enthusiasts to answer questions, make suggestions and share their valuable experiences!

Biographical notes:
Dario Schelfi:
Creator of  Aquagarden, one of the most important portals dedicated to the aquarium of plants, a reference point for thousands of pepole. Over the years he has worked with some of the most important companies in the sector, receiving important awards. In 2015 he realizes the publishing project “Rosso d’Autore” with which he shines from the aquariums of plants.
He has many participations as a judge in competitions dedicated to aquascaping and collaborations in exhibitions and expo.

Marco Siciliano:
One of the historical figures of Italian aquarism. Naturalist, a lover of oriental philosophy, a lover of the aquarium of plants, an admirer and a deep connoisseur of the ADA style, a great fan of discus. Creator of WILD and NATURE, a study space dedicated to aquarists.

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