AIC Opening – Knoweldge Industry Area, first industrial hub in Bagnoli.

On November 12th AIC – Knoweldge Industry Area, first industrial hub in Bagnoli has been inaugurated thanks to Città della Scienza and Consorzio area tech Coroglio.
A group of companies that have successfully passed the stage of incubation at Città della Scienza have settled in a futuristic building located in Bagnoli for the post incubation step. The operation, carried out exclusively with private funds, aims to build an innovative industrial hub, to bring in Campi Flegrei skilled labor and economic development.
In three thousand square meters Fifteen companies carry about twenty million in revenue and with a strong presence in international markets. A Pole who has to his credit more than twenty patents and employs more than two hundred employees, mostly highly skilled young people.
This success is the logic conclusion of the virtuous cycle that is at the basis of Città della Scienza’s vision – scientific knowledge, training, business start-ups – and spotlights the other huge resource of this area: the “tanks of knowledge” that are schools, universities, research centers, and many production companies.


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