Città della Scienza at Congress of EBN
“Design for Innovation”

Yesterday at “Design for Innovation” Congress of EBN (European Business Network) - network of about 150 business innovation centres and 100 other organizations – at Guimaraes, Portugal, have participated 400 representatives from all over the world, over 60 speakers between them the CEO of Città della Scienza Vincenzo Lipardi, member of the Board of Director of Ebn network.
His speech during the session “Disruptive Business Spaces and Ecosystems”, has proved the importance of the work that Città della Scienza is doing to pursue a new sustainable development model, based on the valorization and on the promotion of research and innovation and of scientific culture, to reindustrialize the country, make it competitive, and create new jobs starting from knowledge. Città della Scienza’s mission is to connect social innovation and open innovation through its operative areas – Science Centre, D.RE.A.M. FabLab, Business Innovation Centre, Technology Transfer Centre and Advanced Training Centre – generating a value chain where culture, training and business creation are based on the innovative fertilization of the territory. Finally Lipardi has underlined the strategic importance of being part EBN network which carry out important support activities for its members, among them cooperation promotion between innovators and important joining link within different European countries.

Città della Scienza al Congresso “Design for Innovation”

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