Climate Changes

This morning an interesting event took place in Città della Scienza to raise awareness among young people and students on a topic of great relevance and of fundamental importance for the survival of all: climate change.

The moment of discussion and discussion saw the presence of the Councilor of Fondazione Idis- Città della Scienza Pina Tommasielli; the President of the EAV, Umberto de Gregorio and Maria Carmen Morese, Director of the Goethe Institut Neapel. The President of Città della Scienza, Riccardo Villari, closed the first part of the day: “Climate change: oppose if not now when, since the large countries that generate these changes, cause an irreversible alteration to certain ecosystems. It is necessary to know first of all which are the greenhouse gases with respect to whose emissions we must absolutely provide, change our lifestyles and propose new models.We need to start from these moments of meeting and raising awareness with young people who will really have to deal with the effects of climate change. “

A moment of confrontation and discussion in the presence of political authorities and industry experts, there will also be some “made in Italy” prototypes of hydrogen vehicles and technologies for reducing emissions as a demonstration of clean technologies and national potential, both research and industrial, designed and implemented in Puglia and Campania, including:

• H2M the hydrogen demonstration vehicle

• Hydro, the first hydrogen car built by the Adler group

• Emission control system for internal combustion engines patented by I.A.M./Credendino V.zo service and TITANO Napoli

EAV the Volturno National Autonomous Authority, to facilitate participation in the event, will provide shuttles from Piazza Bagnoli.

Countering climate change is still possible but everyone has to do their part! Now is the time!

Cambiamenti Climatici: è il momento di agire

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