Design for all, culture and accessibility

This event is initiated by ‘Città della Scienza’ and Creactivitas, in collaboration with the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Also DICDEA-Second University of Naples (Department of Civil Engineering Construction Design and Environment) and the ADI (Association for Industrial Design) based in Campania are involved. The conference is furthermore supported by ‘Design for all Europe’.

Naples – Città della Scienza, 3 and 4 December 2015

Nowadays museums should recognize the role they can play in contradicting exclusion by fostering the development of strategies that can actually implement the concept of accessibility; the concept must be understood and declined in the broadest sense possible, namely universal accessibility that goes beyond architectural, emotional, perceptual and cultural barriers.

Creactivitas and Città della Scienza will organize a meeting/workshop together with the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in which Italian and Dutch cultural operators, designers and researchers will start a discussion in order to find solutions and to explore pathways to support innovative cultural policies and the design of spaces dedicated to cultural activities.

DESIGN FOR ALL is a global methodology which addresses the design of our constructed environment, physical and virtual, identifying innovative solutions to break down architecture and culture barriers and enable everyone to have equal opportunities in actively participating in every aspect of the dynamics of the society. Central conditions of this event are human diversity, accessibility and social inclusion.

The meeting will aim at generating of ideas to support the design of future exhibitions by the Città della Scienza, but first and foremost for Corporea: the new museum involving the human body that Città della Scienza is developing and scheduled to open in 2016.

design for all

Promoted by
Città della Scienza
Creactivitas Creative Economy Lab

in collaboration with
Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands
DICDEA Department of Civil, Building, Design and Environmental Engineering,SUN
ADI Association for Industrial Design  Campania Delegation
SInAPSi Centre of the University of Naples Federico II
NAC Natural and Artificial Cognition Lab University of Naples Federico II

Design for All Europe


December 3 

Institutional opening
Vincenzo De Luca, President of the Campania Region, there is a possibility that Ambassador Francesco Caruso will take his place.
Luigi de Magistris, Mayor of Naples
Joep Wijnands, Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands
Vittorio Silvestrini, Chairman of Città della Scienza

Policies and guidelines
Fabio Borghese, Director Creactivitas Creative Economy Lab: introduction to the day’s work
Ludovico Solima, Professor of economics and management of cultural institutions at the second faculty of the University of Naples: Museums and accessibility: the state of the art
Pete Kercher, Ambassador EIDD Design for all Europe: the methodology of Design for All

Policies Strategies and Scenario
Michel Buchel, CEO of Science Center Nemo Amsterdam and president of Ecsite
Christian Greco, Director of the Egyptian Museum in Turin
Patrizia Tomasic, Explora, Children’s museum in Rome
Bart van de Laar, Science LinX, University of Groningen
Luigi Amodio, Director of the Science Center of Science City (active ageing project, national institute of health)


Guidelines and Innovative Practices
Anouk Heesbeen, Alzheimer’s programme ‘Unforgettable’ (guided tours for people with dementia and their caregivers), Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
Marlies Remmert, ANWB Museumcheck, a project to evaluate the accessibility of museums
Giulia Bussotti, Consultant for Digital Publishing and experts in accessibility of texts, and the accessibility of reading
Patrizia Ranzo, Prof. of industrial design and design thinking at the SUN Second University of Naples
Rosanne Veneziano, researcher at DICDEA

Discussion and preparation workshop

Closing remarks

December 4

A workshop about co-design (application required) where Italian experts of different disciplines will compare with Dutch experts  to find solutions and paths for the design of future areas of Città della Scienza.

Discussion tables

  • cognitive accessibility
  • physical / architectural     accessibility
  • content production Accessibility

Active reporting and digital storytelling: Creactivitas team, through the combined use of digital applications and social media, will produce a dynamic and interactive real-time narrative report about works’ results to be shared with the whole community.

Work will take place in English



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