ECSITE representatives in support of Città della Scienza


ECSITE, the network of European scientific museums and science centres, that boasts over 400 members (among them, Cité de la Science of Paris, Deutsches Museum of Munich, London Science Museum), even since the first moments after the fire of March 4 has rallied around the collegues of Città della Scienza. On Tuesday, March 11, at 3.30 p.m. in the Conference Center of Città della Scienza will be held a meeting with the participation of Robert Firmhofer, President of ECSITE and director of the Science Centre Copernicus in Warsaw, and Catherine Franche, director of ECSITE, to show their solidariety to Città della Scienza and to testify the feelings expressed by the international scientific community. During the meeting, open to the public, concrete initiatives ongoing all over the world to support the neapolitan science centre will be announced.

ECSITE interview with Anne-Marie Bruyas, Fondazione Idis-Città della Scienza: “What are the plans for Città della Scienza and how can you help?”

Video realized within the meeting of project VOICES held in Bruxelles from March 6th to 8th.

Al momento il video non è disponibile

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