Eureka is the new mascot of Città della Scienza


Eureka is the new mascot of Città della Scienza, the superhero of science born in collaboration with Comicon: a strong and courageous young woman ready to defeat prejudices and bad information thanks to two special superpowers, the thousand suns and the scientific method. Eureka fights in the name of science, to save the planet from its great evils: pollution, climate change, hunger and disease to build a more conscious and therefore more just world. The fact that Archimedes first used the word Eureka during one of his most important experiments and that the word Eureka is often used to identify new discoveries or a new invention gives even more strength and vigor to our superheroine.  The winners  commented motivating the choice of the name! Its authors are Leandra Di Meo and Dario Santaniello, winners of the 2019 edition of Comicon’s IMAGO Comics and Graphics Competition.


Città della Scienza ha una nuova mascotte: è Eureka, la Supereroina della scienza nata in collaborazione con Comicon

In addition to the popular jury, of about 8000 people, a jury nominated by Città della Scienza selected the winning project of the Città della Scienza Special Prize which was awarded to Leandra Di Meo and Dario Santaniello, with the prize money of € 1,500.00 , by the General Secretary of Città della Scienza Giuseppe Russo sunday  April 28th at 5.30 pm on the occasion of the final day of COMICON 2019 at the Mostra d’Oltremare.

“Città della Scienza confirms its purpose of relationship with the territory and with young people in particular, the association with Comicon and with the Imago competition with their huge participation of people involved allowed us to give the face to a superhero of science, which will characterize with sensitivity is intelligence the challenges of our time. Eureka, our new mascot, represents Città della Scienza, a woman of our time, a heroine of science that we believe is a useful model for the many kids who visit our Museum every day. Città della Scienza wants to be a model of  promotion of culture and research and all this is well embodied in Eureka that will guide us in the coming years by offering an image of our structure that is identity with our values​” declared General Secretary Giuseppe Russo .

The President of the Imago Competition Maurizio Ponticello commented: “We would need authentic superheroes, but we are satisfied with those of cartoons. Having Città della Scienza as a partner in Imago  strengthens the sense for which we are here, to feed children of culture and knowledge. Eureka is a beautiful design, a very strong idea. Vote 10! “

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