FabLab creations go to USA

Between space-saving “bike-hangers” and modular chairs inspired by ancient Chinese puzzles, fantasy gives wings to the technology of the Fab Lab di Città della Scienza. The latest innovations of the digital Campania Region hube factory were presented at the Campania Maker Fest in Cava de ‘Tirreni.

Already ready for print on demand, the appendices will be one of the news available to all bikers of the new #BikeLab in Città della Scienza, soon exposed in the new exhibition #bike_it.

“World” baptism, instead, for another FabLab creation. It is mùjié (“knot”) and is the series of furnishing structures developed by the designer Andrea Riccio, coming from the Cooperative Experience and the Dream FabLab of Città della Scienza during the Dream Academy 2018. Chairs, bedside tables, cabinets that do not need neither screws nor glue to be mounted but only to work together. The pieces that make up the studied node are indispensably collaborative, on its own an element has no function, in a group it makes the structure solid and becomes part of the system. There are eight generative pieces, which, associated in number and with different joints, shape the individual furnishings.

The Mùjié structures, thanks to the collaboration between Città della Scienza and the Italian Federation of Scouting (FIS), will be protagonists in the United States of America on the occasion of the 24th World Scout Jamboree, scheduled from 22 July to 2 August 2019 at Bechtel Reserve, 10,000 acres – 4,000 hectares – 40 sq km, owned by the Boy Scouts of America, in West Virginia.

The organizations hosting the event – which is held in a different part of the world at each edition – have selected Mùjié to include it in the demonstration activities to be held at the Global Development Village, an exhibition area where the kids will have the chance , among other things, to deal with new technologies.


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