FEEL THE HEAT! Weekend at Museum – Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 November 2021

The climate is changing now there are no more doubts. The high temperature, the melting of glaciers are just some of the increasingly extreme weather phenomena, a symptom of a planet that is changing its climate and the only person responsible for this change is man.

On the occasion of COP 26, the United Nations climate conference in Glasgow, in Città della Scienza, on Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 November, a series of activities will be in place to properly inform and therefore raise awareness among visitors of the interactive museum of Città della Scienza, on virtuous behavior in the environmental field.

During the activities, carried out in collaboration with Le Nuvole Scienza, physical phenomena will be tested in the “Choose your climate” laboratory and interesting information on the Earth of the future will be available during the interactive lab “Year 2148″.

Città della Scienza will also host Partenoplay, the game festival for all which is an initiative proposed by the Department of Social Policies of the Municipality of Naples and is part of the “A city to play” project, created in collaboration with Ludobus Artingioco – Progetto Uomo social cooperative, with the participation of numerous Neapolitan and Campania recreational realities. In this festival, both Saturday and Sunday visitors are invited to play “seriously”, to give the game the right scientific and pedagogical importance and for the dissemination of a healthy and responsible play culture.
Finally, the public will also be able to try their hand at the Borbone Kids Lab “La posa non riposa” in collaboration with Caffè Borbone, which aim to develop children’s creativity through new ways of artistic expression.
As always, it will be possible to take guided tours of the museum of the Human Body and attend the extraordinary shows at the Planetarium.




A series of experiments conducted by the communicators of science of Le Nuvole will highlight the physical phenomena linked to climate change and the calculation of the ecological footprint will allow us to understand the role of human actions in those changes.
Target: from 7 years old
Reservation at the Corporea infopoint

YEAR 2148 – interactive lab
What will the Earth of the future be like? Together with science communicators from Le Nuvole we arrive in 2148, when the Earth is now a difficult place to live, the sea level has submerged many cities, acid rain falls from the clouds, the Sun no longer warms our world sufficiently, most living species are on the verge of extinction and all this because of man. What happened? What phenomena have led to such a radical change on our planet? How will the species that caused all this survive?
Practical actions and concrete initiatives to discover the effects of a changing climate.
Target: from 7 years old
Reservation at the Corporea infopoint


PARTENOPLAY – the festival of play for all
4th floor of the Corporea museum.
Target: for everyone
Booking at the Corporea infopoint

LA POSA NON RIPOSA – interactive lab “Borbone Kids Lab”
The workshop includes the creation of watercolors with laying of coffee and water. In addition, children can experiment with the use of this mixture, the possibility of transforming the sheets of cards, maps or ancient documents. At the end of the experience, the children will take their creation home.
In collaboration with Caffè Borbone.
Target: from 3 to 6 years

Saturday and Sunday at 10.45 Robot Explorer
Saturday and Sunday 11.30 am Robot Explorer
Saturday and Sunday at12.15 From Earth to Universe
Saturday and Sunday at13.00 From the Earth to the Universe
Saturday and Sunday at14.00 Robot Explorer
Saturday and Sunday at14.45 Robot Explorer
Saturday and Sunday at15.30 From the Earth to the Universe


Days and opening hours
Tuesday to Sunday
Public opening hours: 9.00 – 17.00

Museum offer
Body + Planetarium + Workshops at weekends and on public holidays;

Access and visit
Reservations are no longer required for access to the museum, but all visitors over the age of 12 must show their Green Pass and, if requested, a valid identity document. Only those exempt on the basis of appropriate medical certification are exempt.
A mask must be worn from the age of 6 years and upwards, and people must be kept at a distance.
Visitors may remain in the exhibition areas for as long as they wish and interact directly with the exhibits, even without a guide.
For schools, booking is compulsory by calling 0817352222 or writing to contact@cittadellascienza.it, as usual.


For adults: museum entry € 5, planetarium entry € 3, guided tour on meeting point included in museum entry ticket;
For school groups: museum admission € 5, planetarium admission € 3, guided tour/educational activity € 3;
Entrance to the planetarium only: € 5.

Tickets can be purchased online at Etes or at the ticket office of Città della Scienza.

Free admission
Children 0-3 years
Disabled people + 1 accompanying person
ICOM card holders
Health personnel
Citizens living in the district of Bagnoli (Naples)

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