Flying like a bird
Sunday, February 5

Sunday, February 5 at the Science Centre of Città della Scienza we will talk about birds of pray and sea birds of our shores.

In the outside areas of our museum, thanks to the operators of CRAS (Centre for the Recovery of Wild Animals) from ASL Napoli 1, you can watch the release of recovered and nursed birds of pray, enjoying the flight of these beautiful animals, ready for coming back into the nature.

Through a charming presentation realized by the experts of LIPU and ASL Napoli 1, “Sea birds of the gulf of Naples”, you can discover the rich and varied wildlife of our areas. During the event we will offer you the booklet “Gabbiano corso e altri uccelli marini del Tirreno campano”.

On the beautiful terrace overlooking the sea, then, LIPU naturalists will guide the live observation of seagulls. In “Tasting Science“, you will explore the physics of flight: through a series of scientific demonstrations you will understand the principles at the base of flight, unveiling its complexity.

For the children, educational thematic workshops for approaching the world of ornithology in a very funny way.

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