GREEN LIFESTYLE !| From May 9th to 19th, 2019 at Città della Scienza

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A big and long party is coming to Città della Scienza from 9 to 12 May! We’re going to celebrate “Europe Day” and the “European Green Week”, that is the European week dedicated to ecology and green living! Many events, laboratories, scientific demonstrations and expert interventions ready to answer questions such as: How much is Europe doing for climate change? How much did the activist Greta Thunberg represent a fundamental step to raise public attention on ecology issues? How much can each of us, in our own small way, contribute to making the planet a better place?

Which vehicle is more environmentally friendly than a bicycle? The bicycle, as a driving force for eco-sustainable ideals, will be the undisputed protagonist of this long celebration.
On May 10th you are all invited to the inauguration of the Bike Lab, the new collateral space of coming exhibition #Bike_it  where between theoretical and practical modules, you can learn from cyclomechanics to the good rules of a correct cycling road behavior code …

Gadgets kindly offered by the European Green Week organizers will be distributed!
We are waiting for you!



Adults 10 € - kids (3/14 yrs) and over 65 yrs  7 € 

Adults and kids 

Adults  13€ - kids (3/14 yrs) and over 65 yrs  10 €




Monday to Saturday from 9 am to 5 pm

Sunday: from 10 to 6
Monday Closing

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