Charles Robert Darwin: the naturalist who revolutionized the history of the natural sciences. As usual Città della Scienza  celebrates the “Darwin week”, the week dedicated to the memory of life, works, scientific discoveries, observations and theories developed by the famous English scientist. Many laboratories, demonstrations, games, activities and science shows on the theme “Darwin and evolution” are waiting for you! 


Wednesday, February 14th the week starts with “Geology during Charles Darwin time discovering the lesser-known side of Darwin’s work: the geologist.  The scientific demonstration “The extended family” – a fascinating journey in the evolution of man between monkeys and hominids is on program  for Thursday, February 15th. What if Darwin had met Gregor Mendel, considered today the father of the modern science of genetics? How could the two theories be integrated? Let’s find out together Friday, February 16th in Mendel and Darwin, the birth of modern biology”. Did you know that Charles Darwin was an excellent botanist? All-round naturalist, he was very fond of plants. He studied them thoroughly and made important discoveries in the botanical field. Let’s go over these aspects of his biography together. Following observations and experiments on the Plant Kingdom. All this and more in “Darwin, the botanist”.

Would you like to feel like Charles Darwin during his explorations on the Galapagos Islands? Try it in the “Biodiversity Laboratory” and experience biodiversity like a Darwin for a day! What are the four ecological phenomena that helped Charles Darwin to formulate his theory of Evolution by natural selection? Find out, looking at the case studies in the activity Evolution in progress”. Do not miss, moreover,The fight of the finches” - Everyone talks about the famous “finches” of Darwin. But what makes them so special? Why were they important for the writing of Darwin’s theory? In this fun game you will understand what a beak of a suitable shape is for!

Can you win on natural selection? Try and have fun in Who wants to live a million years?” Thanks to a fun App, try not to extinguish your animal population for at least a million years.

Unmissble  explaining evolution, in males of  several species, of a series of harmful or useless but particularly showy features, such as livery and bright colors, long queues, heavy horns, Darwin hypothesized that these characters helped males to compete with members of the same sex for the conquest of the partner (intrasexual selection), or to be more attractive to the eyes of the members of the opposite sex (intersexual selection). Try your hand at building a fabulous artificial anthill.

What were the problems that Darwin faced in his studies on human evolution, the conflicts with the beliefs of the time and his personal battle against racism and slavery? We are waiting for you with “Evolution of the man according to Darwin”.

Only for Sunday, February 18th, you can attend the Science ShowDarwin. Travelling Evolution” in which you can retrace the steps of Darwin’s journey around the world! Fun is guaranteed! Also, do not miss the appointment at 12 noon on Sunday 18 in the company of Maurizio Fraissinet – Ornithologist and President of the Association of Southern Italy Ornithological Studies ASOIM, which will lead you to discover the fundamental role played by the class of birds in the development of theories Darwinists in Darwin and ornithology. The birds from inspiration to witness the evolutionist theories “.

This long weekend will end with the path of alternating school-work of the class 5th of the Institute of Higher Secondary Education Giancarlo Siani of Casalnuovo; on the occasion of Darwin Week, the students will perform two activities with the public:

- “The evolution of the cell” – did you know that due to the remarkable similarities found between the cells of the different organisms it is believed that all the cell types descend by evolution from a single common ancestor? Have you ever imagined that 50 to 100 billion cells die each day in a human being and reform it as much? Explore the microscopic (and not) cell world

- “DNA: genetic traces and Darwin” – The history of genetics can be divided into two phases: one before and after 1953, the year in which the structure of DNA, the molecule of life, is discovered. But if Darwin had known Mendel, what would have changed? And how much do you know about DNA? Starting from animal and plant tissues, extract the DNA from the cells and make it visible to the naked eye.

In addition to the guided tours of a Corporea, the first interactive museum on the Human Body in Italy, the 2D shows “From the Earth to the Universe” of the new Planetarium wait for you for a wonderful journey from the first theories of Greek philosophers to the most modern telescopes and  to travel together with a probe, lander and orbiter inside our solar system.

“Who lives in the newbag’s house?” – guided tours to discover new guests. The man known closely the giant Heteropterix dilatata, the wonderful African dry mantis mantis and the African mantis stick. Welcome to our new guest, the Chromatopelma cyanopubescens or green-blue tarantula!


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