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Sunday, January 31st ISASI-CNR researchers will present to visitors present at Città della Scienza two activities to illustrate some activities of the Research Institute.

Red blood cells: new technique for the diagnosis of diseases of the blood
By Pasquale Memmolo, Lisa Miccio Francesco Merola, Martina Mugnano
ISASI-CNR Researchers have developed a new technique that allows the use of a single red blood cell as a small magnifying glass and they will demonstrate the potential of this use. The most important application of the technique is in medical diagnostics and, in particular, in the analysis of the state of health of blood.


Nanodevices and thermal imaging
By Lucia Petti, Massimo Rippa, Riccardo Castagna and Pasquale Mormile
Some examples of how the latest technology can help the progress of scientific knowledge and in the solution of technical problems of social interest. In particular, we will present the techniques for the realization and use of nano-devices for the analysis of bacteria and the application of thermal imaging to the study of problems of great interest in agriculture.


Edited by Pietro Ferraro and Berardo Ruggiero – Institute of Applied Science and Intelligent Systems “Edward Caianello” – CNR

The Institute of Applied Science and Intelligent Systems (ScienzeApp – Director: Dr. Peter Ferraro) with its research staff, fellows and partners located in four research areas in Pozzuoli, Naples, Messina and Lecce, performs innovative research in several fields both the basic sciences that applied research with a strong interdisciplinary and trans disciplinary, according to the strategic plans of the National Research Council and within the new paradigm of the convergence of Sciences

The attitude of researchers at the “Applied Science” is to focus their research activities to the high-tech applications in various industries such as aerospace, cultural heritage, health, new materials, manufacturing processes, intelligent , artificial intelligence, functionalized systems of bio-inspired research.

ScienceApp has strong links with leading universities and research centers on a local basis, but also fruitful collaborations with international institutions.

The main areas of research are:

- Matter and the physical space mapping

- To the edge of the matter: solid-liquid interface

- Nano-Tooling: Matter manipulation

- Being inspired by nature: mimicking natural phenomena

- Computational Intelligence and Neuroscience

Institute of Applied Sciences & Intelligent Systems (ScienceApp) – ISASI CNR
Via Campi Flegrei 34 Bldg 70 I-80078 Pozzuoli (Napoli)

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