Was held today, July 29, in Oppenheimer hall of Città della Scienza, the press conference for the presentation of Campania NewSteel Startup Accelerator – Turn your idea into a successful venture!, the pre-incubation and acceleration program of business projects aimed at informal team, startups and spinoffs.
Present at approximately one hundred and twenty people, including startupper, journalists, businessmen, members of the research community, the universities and institutions. The opening session was organized by Vincenzo Lipardi, CEO of Città della Scienza. Following speeches by Valeria Fascione, Minister for Internationalization, Startup, Innovation of the Campania Region, Gaetano Manfredi, Rector of Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II, Umberto Minopoli, President of Sviluppo Campania SpA, Alessandra Clemente, Municipal Councillor for Youth, Youth policy, Creativity and Innovation, Giovanni De Caro, coordinator of Campania NewSteel Startup Accelerator.

Many topics discussed, from business creation to the need to “do system” in a perspective of territorial development, with the involvement of institutions of higher education and research.
The acceleration program presented aims to provide a mix of tools, methods and opportunities, to consolidate business ideas and transform them into successful projects, solid, credible, sustainable, with a strong international perspective.
The program will provide support to ten innovative business ideas, startup and spinoff operating in Manufacturing 4.0, Creative Industries, Bio Economy, Smart Cities and Green Economy, next-generation ICT, Blue Growth.
The conference was also an opportunity for a brief presentation of other animation programs and scouting, idea generation, and business acceleration co-financed under Regional public on notice Campania In.Hub.
The acceleration program Campania NewSteel Startup Accelerator is co-financed under the “Azioni di marketing territoriale” PAC III DGR 497/2013.


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