Milk Days at Città della Scienza – May 30th and 31st, 2018

The event Milk Days took place last May 30th and 31st, in Città della Scienza: guided tastings and 4 sensory laboratories focused on the milk supply chain that involved children in handling activities according to the principle of learning by doing:
1. “Milk chemical reactions”;
2. Living bones , strong bones;
3. Milk supply chain with …  “cartoLATTE”;
4. From milk to mozzarella.
The day ended with the visit to “Corporea” the first interactive museum in Europe on the human body.

The new “Milk at schools” program, started in April, is funded by the European Union and implemented by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry in collaboration with Unioncamere. The program aims to promote a path of proper nutrition education on the consumption of milk and its derivatives, addressed to primary school students and their families.
In these days, about 420,000 primary school pupils in Italy are tasting fresh milk, yogurt and fresh and aged cheeses, coming from local, typical and certified quality products.
The Chamber of Commerce of Naples with its Azienda Speciale SìImpresa is carrying out educational measures to accompany the distribution of milk in schools, outside the School context.
Along with the distribution of some products in the supply chain, specific information and educational programs are planned on the importance of healthy eating and how food is produced; activities involving the chamber system and CREA Food and Nutrition Research Center.

Latte Days a Città della Scienza

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