Research in Naples. IBP DAY, March 22nd

IBP DAY will take place next Sunday at 10 30 am until 4pm. A real journey through edited by CNR-IBP Protein biochemistry Institute.
A lot of exprerimentation and talkings

1. Theory
Diana Boraschi,What about white blood cells?
Giuliana Catara, Annunziata Corteggio, Micro&MACRO: discovering cell
Ferdinando Febbraio, how do we design proteins: a digital trip in proteins’ structure
Stefano Giacomelli,Antarctica: Life evolution
Elena Porzio, Immacolata Del Giudice, Rossella Coppolecchia, Innovative enzymes to human health and the environment

2. Experimentation
Maria Luisa Barretta, Serena Capasso, Laura Schembri,  batteria and research
Paola Carullo, Proteins have different molecular weights
Giovanni Paolo Cetrangolo, Proteins
Giovanni Paolo Cetrangolo, Paola Carullo, Proteins functions
Luciana D’Apice, Rossella Sartorius, Maria Trovato, Trip to immune system
Luigi Mandrich, Valentina De Luca, Mariangela Cerreta, Giuseppe Manco, Decontamination pesticides simulation
Manuel Marzullo, Nature: Chemistry
Daniela Melillo,DNA in a fruit cocktail

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