Report of the mission in U.S.

Three days of meetings in Washington DC for the Director of Città della Scienza, Luigi Amodio, who collected the international solidarity and availability for future activities to support the reconstruction of the science centre.

In particular, on April 24 Mr Amodio met Bud Rock and Walter Staveloz, respectively CEO and head for international relations of the ASTC, the network that brings together more than 650 museums and science centers in the U.S. and other countries around the world. Rock and Staveloz reiterated their dismay at what happened in Naples and have provided the ASTC to coordinate support activities for Città della Scienza to organize in the USA. In addition, they invited Fondazione Idis at the next ASTC  congress to be held in October in Albuquerque.

On April 25, at the Italian Embassy, an important meeting was held with the academic and business communities in the region of Washington DC, presenting the Italian Science and Technology Parks, including Città della Scienza. Vivid impression aroused the screening of the video produced by RAI center of Naples on the fire of March 4, and the reaction of the following days.  Later that day, Mr Amodio met the scientific workers and the cultural attaché of the Embassy of Italy in the USA, Ranieri Guerra, Giulio Busulini and Renato Miracco, who testified the great attention aroused among Italians and Italian-Americans in the U.S. after the burning. Events of solidarity and support will be organized in the coming months.

Finally, on April 26 Mr Amodio, together with the delegation of Italian Science Parks, has met experts in business creation in biotechnology and Italian researchers at George Mason’s University in Virginia. They have expressed their willingness to boost in the U.S. scientific community the message to support the reconstruction of Città della Scienza.

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