Scholarship VII Summer School “Cultural Enterprise in the Mediterranean”, Procida – September 2012

The Mediterranean comes into the spotlight as the focal point of a process striving to be, at the same time, a focal point of economical development, political stabilization and of social and cultural integration as well. The widely-shared belief that there will be no possibility to give everyone access to international checks and balances if the Mediterranean will not be put into the condition to become a “sea of peace” makes all the more urgent the speed of a fruitful encounter, if not of integration already; it makes mandatory all the ways of reciprocal recognition; it also urges to create new ones, taking into account the needs of younger generations, experiencing a tumultuous transformation.

Therefore, the main objective of the Summer School is to allow students trained in Universities from both banks of the Mediterranean Sea to meet each other during a common and shared moment. The Summer School is open to 20 young participants and 10 grants will be given to young graduates, both Italian and foreigners, residing in Mediterranean countries.

The candidatures, should be done through the attached call and presented before the 10th of September 2012.

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