for Peace and Development

On November 10th, UNESCO celebrates the World Day of Science for Peace and Development, to emphasize the contribution that science offers to promote sustainable development and strengthen the basis for a lasting peace.

Since 2011 the Fondazione Idis-Città della Scienza, as “NGO in official relations with UNESCO”, promotes and coordinates the initiative in Naples, in collaboration with public institutions, NGOs and other social organizations.

This year the the celebration will be in the city, in particular in one of those border schools representing centres for knowledge, civil growth and social progress.

Headquarters of the initiative will be the High School Calamandrei Ponticelli, who will host the meeting, organized in collaboration with the National Institute of Nuclear Physics.


> 11:00 to 1:00

Institutional Greetings

Constantina Romeo, School Piero Calamandrei Naples
Luigi Amodio, Director General of Città della Scienza
Annamaria Palmieri, Minister of Education of the City of Naples
Particle Physics, a common language for people all over the world
Pierluigi Paolucci, head of Naples CMS experiment LHC / CERN Geneva

Real experiences
At Mehar Shah, Pakistani, CMS experiment LHC / CERN Geneva
Filip Thyssen, Belgian, Department of Physics – University of Naples Federico II / INFN of Naples
Multiethnic and multicultural Italy : a reality to govern
Salvatore Strozza, Professor of Demography, Department Political Science – University of Naples Federico II

Showing peace and freedom
Basir Ahmad Asifi, Afghan political refugee, PhD student Department Political Science – Second University of Naples




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