Successfull Carnival party at Città della Scienza

Extraordinary success for the Carnival party in Città della Scienza, on Sunday 23 February a crowd of over 2000 visitors including adults and children crowded the spaces of the scientific center of Bagnoli, coloring them with masks, costumes and confetti and lots of fun.

The theme of this year’s edition was the thousand cultures and colors of the peoples of the Earth, whose diversity was celebrated with fascinating live shows, itinerant animation, games and workshops of creativity and manual skills on the traditions of different peoples and countries. In the corner of cultures’ children traveled to discover the traditions of Africa and Australia, China, Brazil and India with the dance performance of the Bollywood dance Aishanti company, and culture Malinke from West Africa with Guna Percussion – Music and Dances from West Africa.

Italy too was explored through “Le Maschere Italiane”, a laboratory of creativity aimed at the rediscovery of traditional masks; the children also made a Chinese dragon for the new year of the mouse just started, built a typical Brazilian headdress and to end the journey between the cultures of the world they landed in Australia with a workshop of manual decoration of the typical boomerang.

With the wonderful 3d Planetarium we traveled upside down among the colors of the stars thanks to the live show “All the Colors of the Stars” by the UAN, Union of Neapolitan amateur astronomers.

Superfesta di Carnevale 2020!

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