visits Città della Scienza

The Ambassador of the Republic of China Li Ruiyu visited the spaces in via Coroglio, a model of local development based on the promotion of scientific and technological innovation, to testify the fruitful collaboration that Città della Scienza has pursued for years with China in science and technology fields.

During the visit, the Ambassador was accompanied by the Regional Minister for Internationalization, Startups and Innovation, Valeria Fascione, the Scientific Adviser, Cao Jianye, the First Secretary, Han Canqiong, and the Third Secretary, Yin Shengxin.

The delegation was welcomed by the Chief Executive Officer of Città della Scienza, Vincenzo Lipardi, and was greeted by Professor Vittorio Silvestrini before kick off the presentation in the Oppenheimer meeting room and visit the centre, meeting startups and enterprises post incubated in the Industrial Area of Knowledge.

The visit of the Ambassador Li Ruiyu anticipates a few weeks the China-Italy Science, Technology & Innovation Week 2015, which will take place 16th to 20th November in China in Beijing, Chongqing, Tianjin and Shanghai. The mission aims to promote a continuous dialogue between the two countries on innovation, science and technology, to build partnerships in technology, production and trade in the innovative research-enterprise contexts. The Italian delegation in the Far East will be particularly large with its 150 participants and will be led by Minister of Education, University and Research Stefania Giannini.

L'Ambasciatore della Repubblica Popolare Cinese Li Ruiyu fa visita a Città della Scienza

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