8 March, the other half of science

March the 8, on Women’s Day, Città della Scienza celebrates the other half of Science. Scientists, entrepreneurs and young volunteers will be present along the exhibition in the Science Centre, from 10 to 13, carring out activities of CEICC laboratory and explaining to our visitors their work and activities.

You will meet:
- Angela Tino, a biologist at the National Research Council, expert in nano-bio-technology
- Clara Noviello, a student in aerospace engineering at the Federico II, expert in composite materials
- Mariateresa Fulco, astronomer at the Astronomical Observatory
- Maria Saggiomo biologist at the Zoological Station, expert on the physiology of polar phytoplankton
- Sara Karam, Lebanese, doctoral candidate in materials engineering and production at the Federico II

At the GNAM exhibition, on Agriculture and Food, there will be present the agricultural entrepreneurs:
- Marcella Riccio, an agronomist, an entrepreneur from an organic farm
- Cristina Leardi, an agronomist for the cop Masseria
- Daniela Santarpia, a social worker Cooperative EVA and Dedalus for the management of refuges and the reintegration of women victims of violence

There will also be present two volunteers of the European Civilian Service:

- Yauheniya Dubovik, a byelorussain student on International Law
- Karin Spiegl, austrian student in Science Communication


Through this program we want to show that  “science” is not just “old men in white coats”, but it has also a female side. This initiative aims to oppose the common stereotypes, showing that science is fun, and it can offer great opportunities for women, being a critical point in the future of our society. Research and innovation are in fact essential to find concrete solutions to key challenges such as food and energy security, environment and climate change or improving health care.
On this occasion we would like to mention the “lady” of science: Rita Levi Montalcini, Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1986, founding member of the Città della Scienza, recently passing at the age of 103 years, a woman who has dedicated his entire life to the search:
“I say to young people: do not think about yourself, think about others. Think of the future waiting for you, think about what you can do, and do not fear anything. Do not fear the difficulty: I’ve been through a lot of these, and I crossed without fear, with total indifference. “

The event is organized by Città della Scienza  as part of the Europe Direct Naples CEICC, coordinated by the Municipality of Naples in collaboration with Federico II University, Orientale University, Parthenope and  Suor Orsola Benincasa University, Chamber of Commerce.

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