Week end program Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th November

Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th November

Labs and Science Shows

SPIRULINA: alga coming from space
Will algae become our main foods in the future? Actually they already are! Just think about sushi or those special fried food typical of Naples’ cuisine. In this science show you will learn about the different use of algae, observe them at microscope, prepare biscuits and pasta with spirulina so rich in nutrients to be chosen by astronauts for their feeding in space stations!

TOUCH POOL: breeds, starfish and sharks to pet
In our pools you can observe sea inhabitants but you can also get in touch with them….an extraordinary sensory experience!

News from Earth
A big interactive globe will give you the opportunity of observing extraordinary phenomena such as the Planet’s coverage in real time, ocean’s currents and formations of dangerous tsunami.

“Giordano del faro”: reading.
Listening to Giordano’s tales, a child living in a lighthouse.

Play and Clay
A Lab using clay to create starfishes and others inhabitants.

Tropic of Mediterranean
Discovering our wonderful mare nostrum: a science show of Enzo Troisi

Chi per questi mari va, questi pesci piglia!
Show with Flavia D’Aiello
Our “Chef” talking about some ingredients, their history and legends.
Solo il 30 novembre

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