A delegation from Beijing Municipal Science & Technology Commission

Città della Scienza hosted a Chinese delegation from Beijing Municipal Science & Technology Commission – BMSTC, a company of the government that work for the promotion and development for international cooperation in the scientific and technological field.

BMST has been for years Città della Scienza’s partner for China Italy Innovation Forum organization – the project of scientific and technological cooperation between Italy and China promoted by Città della Scienza – that, together with SIIE Sino Italian Exchange Event is the framework within Italy and China work on the theme of Reasearch and Innovation.

The meeting focused on 2015 cooperation program to be held in China – meetings, conferences, labs, round tables, B2B meetings, seminars and workshops as well as territorial missions to be organized.

The workshop ended with the visit to the exhibition “Revolutionary inventions of ancient China” on display in the spaces of Città della Scienza. Chinese delegation really appreciated it as an important tool for the promotion of Chinese culture in Italy.



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