Waiting for Christmas 2016 at Città della Scienza


From December 3rd to January 8th come to Città della Scienza to join and live with us Christmas activities.


Sunday December 11th are all invited to the big party of Waiting for Christmas!

A big party for families: elves and fairies will welcome adults and children showing a magic place to live together a special Christmas time.
Christmas music, the magic of soap bubbles, and jugglers to make your Christmas a magic one.

Animation by Lacci Sciolti

Science, technology, art, games, shows and tastings for Christmas at Città della Scienza!

Science trees
Find out how a plant cell is made, studying the phenomenon of the water rise in plants, learning about the age of a tree, observingphotosynthesis using oxygen and carbon dioxide sensors.

Christmas Robot, tinkering lab
Realizing a writing machine.

Christmas light,  tinkering lab
Electric circuits with plasticine, LEDs, and batteries.

Double Christmas
Optical illusion lab

Christmas candies?
Fabrizio Mangoni Show Conference

Illusionism and Bubble Soap 

Animations for children games and fun

Selfie with Santa Clause 
A pic from Città della Scienza.

Christmas world
Tales, traditions ..worldwide.Christmas .

Christmas Zibaldone creative labs

Info and contacts
+39 081.7352.258 +39 081.7352.259 +39 081.7352.220 +39 081.7352.222
fax +39 081.7352.224
From monday to Friday 8.30 to 5 pm


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