Beach guys! Weekend at Città della Scienza 10 – 11 July 2021

visual we 10-11 luglio

Let’s turn the beach into an open-air educational laboratory! During summer holidays, we are ready to look at our beaches with a more careful and scientific eye, the objects that you can meet tell us wonderful stories such as the extraordinary adaptations that sea animals and plants have had over the centuries to survive in the their environments. By observing pieces of shells, strange fibrous bullets, dug wood, pierced shells we could discover how the invertebrates of our seas live, what they eat, how they defend themselves from predators and even how they contribute to the formation of future mountains!

Be connected with our enviroment is essential to safeguard biodiversity and contribute to living in a healthy place. After this scientific demonstration we will become environmental detective experts in natural resources and our beach walks will never be the same!


Dates, days, timing, admission, time slots and capacities 

Opening: from Tuesday to Sunday
Timing: 9.30- 4.30 pm
Entrance: compulsory reservation

Time slots and capacities
Three time slots
10 – 12
12 -2pm
2pm – 4pm

Guided tour includes: 
Antarctica Exhibition
Scientific Lab or demonstration

Guided tour takes about two hours.
At the end of the tour, visitors can stay inside the museum of Corporea.

Single ticket is 5 €  
admission will be free for healthcare personnel and for citizens of Bagnoli (compulsory  reservation).

Compulsory reservation
To access the museum the booking is obligatory, due to the limited number of home visitors, and suggest the presence of the online ticket that guarantees the automatic booking.
The booking does not have any additional costs and is obligatory.
Alternatively it is possible to book by sending an email to indicating name, surname, person number, cell phone number, day of visit and schedule.
The reservation is valid only with the receipt confirmation via email from our incoming service.
For groups of up to 6 people’s required online access.
For the agency and for renting the contact center call 081.7352.222

Safety measures and visit tours
- All visitors, including children, are required to wear masks from the age of 6; 
- disinfectant gel dispensers are available along the route
- the tempeure will be measured at the entrance to Città della Scienza
- Entrance is allowed only with reservation

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