#BIKE_IT! was officially inaugurated in Città della Scienza

Yesterday 24th June 2019 the Italian stop of #BIKE_IT was officially inaugurated in Città della Scienza, the international exhibition on the history of bicycles started from the Bloomfield scientific museum in Jerusalem where it was designed and built.
Before official opening there was a group ride that led bikers and visitors from Piazza Sannazaro to Città della Scienza where the Città della Scienza Commissioner Giuseppe Albano was waiting for his speech about the value of the exhibition in perfect harmony with the mission of Città della Scienza promoting environmental sustainability.
Then the Curiatorial Division of Ingenium, Canada, Anna Adamek talked about the importance of international collaboration in the realization of important and ambitious projects such as #BIKE_IT realized thanks to the partnership between Italy, Germany, Jerusalem and Canada; in particular, the Ottawa museum has contributed to enriching the offer of the exhibition with bicycles and objects of the era from precious scientific collections.
The Director of the Bloomfield Science Museum in Jerusalem Maya Halevi has extensively analyzed the role of the bicycle as a symbol of freedom with a strong social economic impact, from the emancipation of women to the increasing use of bikes by people with disabilities.
“The Bloomfield museum team that worked on this project is very proud that this initiative has turned into a traveling international exhibition that started in Jerusalem, made a stop in Bremen in Germany, now we open it in Naples before moving to Poland, in Warsaw and Ottawa in Canada, to finish the first tour ”.
The exhibition, starting June 25th 2019,  is open to the public and will be open until May 2020.

More info:  www.cittadellascienza.it/bike_it

Inaugurazione della mostra #BIKE_IT!

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