BURC the new Official Bulletin of Campania Region has been published


It was published  The Official Bullettin of Campania Region n. 43 of May 29th 2017 the call for support and strengthening of the regional entrepreneurial and scientific-technological potential.

Campania Region placed € 15 million to the creation and consolidation of new, highly innovative entrepreneurship.

The main purpose of the measure is to increase the competitiveness of the regional production system through the development of new products, processes and services by innovative and spin-off startups of research – established or constituting – operating on the regional territory in the Campania RIS3 specialization areas .

The tool itself is innovative because it covers all the project entries, financing plant and equipment equipment, patents and intellectual property, staffing, rental and consulting services, IT expenses, promotion, marketing and internationalization.

Particularly significant is the intensity of the aid that – in the form of a capital contribution and a management account – is equal to 65% of the total investment program amounting from 50,000 to 500,000 euros.

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