Digital Fabrication Regional District

Saturday April 2nd from 9.30
Innovation Village

Mostra d’Oltremare Naples – Building 5 – Arena Space

The new technological centre on Digital Fabrication of Città della Scienza, D.RE.A.M. will be introduced at Innovation Village 2016, through the workshop Città della Scienza 2.0 project and Regional District of Digital Fabrication.

Big attention will be given to the sectors of construction industry, biomedical, fashion & design. The meeting aims to create a match between enterprises, associations and innovators on the opportunities that the applications of digital fabrication (3D printing, Internet of Things, etc.) can provide for technological development of specific industrial sectors. D.RE.A.M. is an initiative aimed at intercepting the opportunities for economic, industrial and social offered by the advent of digital technologies in manufacturing, started with the CDS project 2.0 – new economy of knowledge products and services, approved and funded by the Ministry of Education. The workshop will explore possible joint activities and projects between D.RE.A.M. companies and industry associations, aiming to raise the innovative skills in the region.

D.RE.A.M. presentation, Vincenzo Lipardi, Fondazione Idis-Città della Scienza CEO.

Applications of digital fabrication in industry, Amleto Picerno, D.RE.A.M. Project Manager

Digital technologies in my business: D.RE.A.M. experts and workshop participants.

Presentation of the Accademy – Fondazione Idis-Città della Scienza.

More info:

Città della Scienza
ph: 081.7352206/256


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