Città della Scienza participates in the European Researchers’ Night 2021

The Researchers’ Night is an initiative promoted by the European Commission since 2005 involving thousands of researchers and research institutions in all European countries.

The goal is to create opportunities for connecting researchers and citizens in order to spread scientific culture and knowledge of the research professions in an informal and stimulating context.

Italy immediately joined the European initiative with a variety of projects that traditionally make it one of the European countries with the largest number of events scattered throughout the territory. Fondazione Idis-Città della Scienza has been participating in the initiative for years with events that include live scientific experiments and demonstrations, exhibitions and guided tours.

For 2021 we offer two different activities, both online and face-to-face, in collaboration with Le Nuvole Scienza.


On Friday morning, September 24th, we participate in the virtual edition organized by Neuromed and Pascale through the online visit to the virtual exhibition Passione Virale: a journey into the world of viruses that has two priority objectives, the first is to present visitors, through beautiful images, the viruses responsible for the main diseases of human history; the second is to guide visitors to the most serious and scientifically reliable resources on the web, so that everyone builds their own in-depth path, carefully avoiding all those fake news of which, unfortunately, the Internet is littered.

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On Saturday, 25 September, we participate in the ERN NET Science Together with the “Choose your climate” to raise awareness of the current emergency of climate change and the disastrous consequences.

At the interactive museum of the human body Corporea from 10 to 1 pm it will be possible to attend a series of experiments that will highlight the physical phenomena related to climate change and, through the calculation of the ecological footprint, understand the role of human actions in climate change .


Info and Contacts: Contact Centre +39 081.7352.222 fax +39 081.7352.224.

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