Città della Scienza protagonist at Beijing Science Festival

This year, Città della Scienza is one  of the international guests at the 7th International Science Festival held in Beijing from September 14th to 17th, 2017.

The Festival represents a unique opportunity to meet among leading international experts in the field of scientific communication.

In a space dedicated to Città della Scienza, representatives of the Science Centre are catalyzing the public’s attention with their science shows, demonstrations and science labs. A great success also witnessed by the attention paid by the public and the representatives of the local institutions to the presentations of the main activities of Città della Scienza: from Corporea museum to the 3D Planetarium, from the projects of promotion and support to scientific and technological innovation to didactic and of high education.

On the occasion of the Festival, Città della Scienza will take part in the 5th Beijing International Science Festival Round-Table Conference, promoted by the Beijing Association for Science and TechnologyBAST for the establishment of an international cooperation platform dedicated to activities and themes of communication of science.

In the dialogue with cultural institutions and politics of different countries, in Beijing, science reaffirms universal language to promote the encounter between peoples. An important moment in which the Città della Scienza once again plays a key role.


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