Communication and Fake News: February 24th, 2019

Sunday February 24th, 2019 a special insight about Communication and fake news..

What are fake news? How can we recognize them? Who creates them and why?

Many think that fake news are a recent phenomenon born with the spread of digital information … well this is a Fake News! History is full of unlikely discoveries, sightings of fantastic creatures and announcements of miraculous cures.

Fake news are articles with invented, misleading or distorted information made public with the deliberate intent to misinform or spread lies through the media. Traditionally great media, or televisions and the most important newspapers convey fake news. However, with the advent of the Internet, especially with the sharing of social media, the spread of false news has increased exponentially.

An increasing and dangerous phenomenon to which a remedy must necessarily be placed!

Two special events by two experts will animate the day dedicated to the theme “Communication and fake news”.

“Fake scientific news: a brief history of all that is NOT Science!”

Among fake news from other times and some very current, we will turn in those who create these “news” to understand what are the mechanisms behind this “pathology of information” that create profits and damages the bond of trust between science and society.

A short story to tell all that is not scientific communication and certainly not science!

12.00 - 45 minutes

Lab 1 – Corporeal ground floor

Adults and children

Speaker: Mirella Orsi, Science Writer and Scientific Disseminator


“What color did you say? Communication in Nature “

Communication is a set of processes and phenomena absolutely necessary in Nature and if human civilizations have produced works of communication that seem incredible, animals, plants and bacteria are spoken with languages ​​that we could see well in a fantasy book or in a film of science fiction: colors, smells, shapes, and sounds create a tapestry

of “words” and “phrases” to which most do not mind, but which constitute one of the most striking aspects of the already incredible phenomenon of life on Earth. And if you believe that some science fiction films are exaggerating, then you’re wrong “.

11 am – 45 minutes

Lab 1 – Corporeal ground floor

Speaker Marco Signore Ph.D., Paleobiologist


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