3 march, Sunday: Bradisism from risk to resource


Giuseppe De Natale, Head Project Drilling Bagnoli
Giuseppe Luongo, volcanologist
Marcello Martini, director the Vesuvius Observatory
Fabio Borghese, Director Creactivitas Unisa
Coordinated by Eleonora Puntillo, journalist

In order to remember the Phlegraean Bradisism that has frequently hit the population of Pozzuoli, the Association Lux in Fabula has created a virtual archive about bradyseism on the MoviMenti project: Beats of land and the video: Bradisism consequences over the centuries.

The archive is available at www.bradisismoflegreo.it and on youtube you can see the video. The Association Amici di Città della Scienza has provided historical materials on bradisism made ​​in 1983 ITIS Pozzuoli.

Sunday, March 3, 2013 11:00 am
Città della Scienza
Via Coroglio, 104   Napoli

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