ECSITE Annual Conference
Trento, June 11-13

MUSE will host Ecsite Annual Conference   from June 11th to 13th, 2015.
Almost 1000 experts and 350 relators coming from 50 different countries will talk about scientific communication. Ecsite is the ideal place for insiders to work together in order to build more efficient strategies to involve people in science as well as a big showcase for current science centres and museums that have a so important role in our society.

The theme is “Food for Curious Minds” according to Milan Expò, dealing with issues of feeding and energy, in order to create an active citizenship with a great awareness on more important issues of our time.

Città della Scienza will participate with a lot of events:

Vincenzo Lipardi Fondazione Idis- Città della Scienza CEO will coordinate a session on the role of science centres in current society:

- June 11th Vincenzo Lipardi will introduce the new edition of Futuro Remoto in a session made up of the most important European science festival and events.
- June 12th, General director Luigi Amodio and Guglielmo Maglio will have a talk about Corporea the new project on human body and health compared to Glasglow and Granada;
- June 13th, Luigi Amodio will participate in the debate “Science and Cities 2020” comparing different European cities that have involved scientific communication in the city development
- June 13thpresentation of Sea Horizon first exhibition on Responsible Research and Innovation

Ecsite will be an occasion to present projects realized outside Europe such as: second edition of Summer School to be held in Egypt and a Chinese delegation of BAST (Beijing Association for Science and Technology), in line with the cooperation program between Italy and China on which Città della Scienza has been working for years.


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