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From June 12 through the 18th, 2015 Città della Scienza is showing a work in progress consisting of two site-specific installations and a performance about transmutations . The project was proposed and conceived from Prof. Mariella Poli of California College of the Arts, San Francisco, USA in collaboration with Città della Scienza in Naples and with Prof. Carla Langella of Naples Second University (Hybrid Design Lab), Enrico De Capoa & Fabio Cocifoglia of Le Nuvole, Theater Art and Science.

The Project is part of Mariella Poli’s Interdisciplinary Course for the Program ‘Summer Study Abroad: Italy’ of California College of Arts; there are 13 students participating from disciplines as such sculpture, film, writing, performance, interior design and industrial design and 15 students of design, interior and industrial, from the Course ‘Bio-innovation Design’ of Naples Second University as well as migrants of different cultural backgrounds from Dedalus Association.

The idea of this project was born after the fire at Science Center of Città della Scienza and in conjunction with the increasing tragedies in the adjacent Mediterranean Sea. One installation recycled materials remaining from the fire in to a significant sculpture symbolizing land and sea and the possibilities of regeneration. The other installation/design will be an assembly of singular material such as iron, glass, bricks, wood and presented to show how the fire transforms the chemical elements. The Performance is choreography based on oral stories and bodies of land & sea.

In support of the course Bio-innovation Design, some start-up enterprises incubated at Città della Scienza (3D Factory, Creactivitass, Enjina), will contribute with prototype of the Design Installation, as well as Mario Malinconico specialist of polymers and biomaterials at the CNR, Dario Aquilina for psychological consultancy.

The installations will be presented in the TechnologyBiz event, held at Città della Scienza on 17-18 June and in a public performance scheduled on Thursday 18th at 7.00 pm at Città della Scienza.

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